Asset Management

Asset Management is about moving beyond the accepted standards, ISO 55000 and PAS 55. It is also as much about the journey as the final destination; the journey of identifying where your Asset Management capabilities currently sit, and how you are going to reach the point where your assets are working for you and your corporate objectives, to the best of their capacity.

Throughout Martin & Mir we have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge related to Asset Management, Systems Engineering, and Information Management. Our team has been helping organizations to realize Excellence in Asset Management across multiple industry sectors and from across multiple global locations.

We understand how your industry works, the regulations that affect it and the business drivers that shape it.

The Martin & Mir conceptual model (below) forms the basis of industry thinking and best practice and describes the overall scope of Asset Management. It highlights that Asset Management is about the integration of activities, and is about getting all these activities right, not just a few areas in isolation.


Achieving Goals for Clients

We believe performance is more than your return on investment, it is making sure you are meeting your lifestyle goals along the way. That is why our financial planning process starts by getting to know you personally. We will identify your values, concerns, and goals to carefully construct a personalized financial plan that performs for you while minimizing risk and increasing financial security. This helps us make recommendations you are comfortable with and helps prepare you financially for upcoming life events.


To keep our partnership strong, we may update you through a few different methods, such as seminars, newsletters, and annual reviews. This two-way communication ensures that you understand how your assets are being managed and informs us about changes in your life so we can make adjustments to your plan as needed.


Investment Planner

At Martin & Mir, integrity is key to the way we do business. Our integrity and independence enable us to deliver financial products and services with your best interests in mind. We view our relationship with you as a partnership to build your long-term financial security. Working together, we can put your lifestyle and financial goals within reach. Retirement. Vacation home. College funding. Business expansion. Whatever goals you have in mind, we will focus on the details so you can enjoy the rewards.


“Whatever your industry, wherever your location, we can deliver sustainable reductions in the cost of your infrastructure”

Philosophy – Execution

We use the latest technology to enhance the personalized service you receive, not to replace it. Our innovative tools help us provide comprehensive trading services, compare mutual funds, and deliver customized financial plans. But, technology is not the only innovative tool we use. Our team looks at things differently, too; taking into consideration the lifestyle you have now and looking into the future to help you visualize your goals. We then apply our exclusive Strategic Lifestyle & Wealth Management™ philosophy to your situation.

Thank you for choosing Martin & Mir. We look forward to working with you!